Impact Business Bootcamp

A few months ago we shared with you that we had been selected to move on to Phase 1 of Ship2B's acceleration and investment programme for impact startups. The Ship2B Foundation seeks to promote the Impact Economy, which they define as "an economic model where the main goal of startups, companies, investors and organisations is no longer just to maximise their economic profitability, but also their social and environmental impact".

Now we are back because we want to tell you that last week we participated in the Impact Business Bootcamp Week. This means that we were selected among the 31 best startups. Specifically, at amperand we participated in the S2B Tech4Climate programme, which selects the best startups with innovative technologies in the field of sustainability and the environment.

Ship2B selects startups that respond to the following challenges:

Conserving the integral water ecosystem, with a special focus on vulnerable areas (nitrates).

Contributing to energy sustainability by promoting renewable energy and its storage

Providing solutions to mitigate or adapt to climate change, including understanding and reducing our carbon footprint

Promoting circular economy and zero waste models in any field

Digitise energy or water management processes, fostering new sustainable business models

Implementing new collaborative models to raise community awareness and promote responsible consumption

Fostering biodiversity and promoting nature-based solutions, especially in the blue economy

Increasing the quality of life in cities.


So we are very happy to have been selected as a startup that responds to these challenges!

During these days we were able to attend different types of activities: we were lucky to have great guests and listen to other entrepreneurs telling their experiences such as Timo Buetefisch, CEO of Cooltra, or Oriol Vila, CEO of Holaluz. In addition, we were talking about impact and the measurement and metrics needed for it, that, coupled with the individualised mentoring sessions we had, has helped us to consolidate our strategy. 

We are looking forward to continue learning and improving our performance to enhance our environmental and social impact in the European cities where we operate.