Leaders for Climate Action

We strive to reduce our environmental impact, so in February 2021 we joined the entrepreneurial community created by Leaders for Climate Action whose goal is to achieve a global economy free of greenhouse gas emissions powered by 100% renewable energy: digital, democratic and climate-positive.

It currently has more than 1,406 members and thanks to this commitment, 898.363 tonnes of CO2 have been saved.

In our commitment to this community, we take the following measures to contribute to the protection of the environment:

100% Renewable Energy

Sustainable Banking

Responsible Business Travel

Turn your business model green

Veggie Food

Complete Climate Neutrality

Offset the private footprint of your employees

Sustainable office

The mission of Leaders for Climate Action is to

Achieve the immediate stop of any subsidies into fossil fuels and the establishment of an effective Greenhouse Gas pricing applied on the regional, country, and ideally global levels, which will stop new investments in fossil energies, disincentivize existing fossil energy use, and incentivize investments in renewable energy. This should be in parallel with supporting developing economies to grow in accordance with sustainability principles, establishing a financial equalization without damaging the climate further.

Leaders for Climate Action's Mission

LFCA urges urgent collaboration as scientists say there are less than eight years to reach zero emissions

For this reason, we want to encourage all those who want to help to protect the environment. Although this pact is made up of entrepreneurs, LFCA has a section on its website where they present individual measures to those who wish to contribute to this action.

We encourage you to collaborate! Every action counts 💪🏼🌍